Introducing Step by Step Fostering: Bringing together hearts and homes

Step by Step Fostering is now open, finding loving homes for children in care in the southeast of England.

While there were approximately 43,000 foster carer families in England last year, this is not nearly enough to meet demand given the ever-growing number of children waiting to be placed in suitable and safe foster homes.

Our parent charity Step by Step Partnership decided to tackle this problem head-on by launching Step by Step Fostering. Building upon a 37-year legacy of supporting some of the most vulnerable young people in the southeast, our founders have witnessed first-hand the incredible need for new foster carers.

Debbie Moreton, CEO of our parent charity, says: “We’ve been supporting young people facing homelessness for over 30 years, and having walked the path of a foster carer myself, I intimately understand both the joys and challenges inherent in this role. This firsthand experience underscores the critical importance of ensuring that every child and young person within the foster care system has access to the support and opportunities essential for their growth and success. I firmly believe that regardless of circumstances, every individual deserves the chance to realise their fullest potential.”

Step by Step Fostering strive to empower foster carers to nurture young people and create a brighter future for us all. We envision a future where those who may not have had the best start to life are provided with the resources and support to allow them to realise their potential and better the community.

We operate across six counties: Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Wiltshire, offering unrivalled training and support through our comprehensive Skills to Foster programme. We are here to ensure that all foster carers feel confident and empowered, welcoming them to a like-minded community committed to nurturing young people, offering generous allowances that recognise the importance of the work foster carers do.

When you foster a child through Step by Step Fostering you will help even more young people find their brighter future, as any excess funds generated through our fostering agency go to our parent charity Step by Step Partnership, helping to address youth homelessness.

Whether you are interested in starting your foster care journey or want to transfer to fostering with us, our dedicated team will support you every step of the way.

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