Fostering Moments: Rocky's Story

It’s Foster Care Fortnight and this year’s theme is ‘Fostering Moments’. To celebrate this, we sat down with one of our foster carers Rocky to find out more about his fostering journey so far.

What did you do before becoming a foster carer?

For many years, I was a Civil Service Engineer working on defence systems. I used to take in students from work to support them. Then I became a Supported Lodgings host for Step by Step and successfully hosted six young people over six years.

What motivated you to foster and why did you choose Step by Step Fostering?

I never had kids of my own and have always wanted to be a father figure, so I enjoy having young people in the house. I see the best in everyone and want to offer young people the chance to succeed in life. After looking into fostering I discovered there was a huge need for foster carers.

I chose Step by Step Fostering because I had already developed a great relationship with my Step by Step support worker. I was confident that they would support me through my journey.

What have been the highlights and the challenges of your fostering journey?

My first placement came to me very soon after I was approved as a foster carer. We gained each other’s trust very early on, and I’ve always been there for him to talk to. I’ve really appreciated the support I’ve been given along my journey, through my Local Authority Social Worker and my Supervising Social Worker from Step by Step Fostering.

Of course, fostering brings along challenges as well. The foster child I am caring for often does not want to go to school so there have been frequent school meetings for me to attend.

How has Step by Step Fostering supported you through your journey so far?

Very well! The training I’ve received has been thorough and the agency have remained in regular contact with me to check in and see how things are going.

Do you have any advice for those considering becoming foster carers?

It’s important to have a lot of patience and good listening skills.

"My advice for those interested in fostering is to do it."

You will be challenged and stimulated and it’s a really rewarding experience. It can be hard work at first but it’s really satisfying to see the positive impact you’ve made on a young person’s life.


We need more amazing people like Rocky to become foster carers and transform the lives of young people in need. If you could offer a child a safe, caring and supportive home, get in contact with us today and start your foster care journey.