Bringing Together Hearts and Homes

When young people have access to safe accommodation, wellbeing and opportunities, our communities grow stronger for everyone… including you.

Step by Fostering believe that through every child nurtured and every carer empowered, we can build a brighter future for us all.

Drawing upon a 35-year legacy of supporting young people, the team at Step by Step Fostering are committed to the needs of the most vulnerable in our society and those who care for them.

We find caring homes for children and young people across six counties in the South of England.

Meet the Team

Kelly Headen, Head of Fostering and Supported Lodgings

As part of the Step by Step charity leadership team, Kelly has been responsible for the delivery of key services for looked after children and young people over the last 10 years. She has extensive experience working to develop and implement new services across multiple counties.

Before joining Step by Step, Kelly had 10 years’ experience working in adult mental health and homelessness.

Kelly is a Safeguarding Co-Opted School Governor and has been a Director for the Surrey Wellbeing Partnership.

Sarah Luke, Registered Manager

Sarah is a registered social worker, with a degree in Social Work and a Masters in Practice Education Professional Standards (PEPS) Stages 1 and 2. She has previously worked for Step by Step Partnership, Barnardo’s and Surrey Children’s Services.

Sarah has experience of family safeguarding, strengths-based approaches, motivational interviewing and solution-focused therapy. She has previously supported parents of children with autism, ADHD and challenging behaviours.

About Step by Step Partnership

Step by Step Partnership is a young people’s charity operating in the South of England. It offers accommodation, advice and mental health support to young people experiencing homelessness and other challenges.

Step by Step Partnership is also the parent company of Step by Step Fostering. Profits from our fostering agency are passed on to the charity. This means that by choosing to foster with Step by Step Fostering, you are also helping the charity support hundreds of young people each year.

Not Sure if Fostering is for You?

Supported Lodgings is one of the accommodation services offered by the charity Step by Step Partnership. Young people live with a host individual or family in their home, preventing homelessness and providing support with life skills.

If fostering is too much of a commitment but you would still like to support a young person, click here to find out more about becoming a host with Supported Lodgings.